⚡ Electrify your trading business from day 1 ⚡

Copper Power Platform is a laser-focused ETRM solution for short-term power traders.

🔥 It connects to EPEX Spot and NordPool out of the box and delivers positions management, settlement calculation, and cash flow prediction in realtime! 🔥

🤖 At the same time it works as an adapter towards all the connected exchanges, making it easy for customers to automate trading! 🤖


Copper Power Platform integrates with the relevant exchanges and imports trades, prices, exchange rates, holiday calendars, etc. to enable you to manage your positions, profit/loss, calculate exchange and TSO settlements, and predict the cash flow of your business.

The unique Copper Shell is the tool, traders have always wanted: A multi-screen-aware dynamic UI that lets them position windows just the way they like!

The workflow-oriented features for middle and back office make controlling and administration a breeze.

Everything is made available via an open (Swagger-based) API, so it can be extended with your own stuff.

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Copper Shell

A small, always-on-top main menu bar gives you easy access to your views and layouts.

Copper Shell main menu bar

Use it to open new windows, save/load multi-screen window layouts, etc.

Positions Management

Get a live overview of your positions with a clear indication of which blocks have settled and which PL they resulted in.

Manage positions internally, e.g. by moving from the "Position" book to the "Imbalance" book to signal that it not supposed to be traded and is speculated to be beneficial to have it settled by the TSO.


Monitor your profit/loss in realtime – realized (closed positions + open positions settled by TSO), as well as unrealized (open positions with estimated values).

The profit/loss will calculate sums in each grid's native currency as well as sums converted to €.


Monitor and control liquidity in realtime with the built-in settlement schedules that predict your cash flow.

Checkmarks next to each expected settlement lets controllers approve invoices/credit notes as they come.

Each settlement is accompanied by a detailed report containing subtotals relevant for the specific type of invoice, making invoice reconciliation super-easy.


Get prices visualized as heatmaps, filtering by e.g. weekdays/holidays/weekends etc.

Prices can be any price set in the system, e.g. TSO's settlement prices, auctions prices, etc., or a DIFF calculated between arbitrary price sets (e.g. compare TSO's settlement prices against average trading price!)

Daily PL

Keep an eye on your performance by wathing the daily PL chart.

Bars show red/green depending on direction – lighter colors for realized, darker colors for unrealized PL.

Cash Flow

Predict the effect of irregular settlement schedules on your bank accounts.

Bars show money going in/out of the bank account, and each color corresponds to a specific settlement schedule. The line accumulates the cumulative effect of the movements, including pre-configured banking fees.

Easily adjust the balance along the way as you deposit/withdraw funds or other movements on the account lead to changes.

Cash Flow Details

Know beforehand how your account balances are going to evolve! No invoice will be able to surprise you ever again.

Lines show which settlement schedule each movement comes from, and the rightmost column calculates the accumulated balance on the account in question.

+ more good stuff to come 😉


The list of available out-of-the-box integrations is steadily growing.
Please get in touch if you have specific questions in this area.
Copper Power Platform has an extensive EPEX integration via EPEX' M7 API
Rebus FM ApS is an approved EPEX software provider.
Copper Power Platform has a nice NordPool integration that takes advantage of both the Auction API and the Intraday/Realtime API.
Rebus FM ApS is an approved NordPool ISV Partner.
Initial investigations have begun on working on integrating with ETPA, SEMOpx, ALPEX, HUPX, IBEX, CROPEX + other European power exchanges.
Moverover, settlement prices are continuously imported from TSOs of most European countries, auction prices and VWAPs are imported as they become available, holiday calendars for European countries get imported, currency exchange rates are imported from ECB, etc.

Perfect solution for short term power trading businesses

A pricing model geared between a FIXED and a FRACTIONAL part makes Copper Power Platform super attractive for newly started firms as well as more established players.

This means that the price can be as low as

€ 0

per month if you do not make a profit – and you can have FIXED pricing if you want to know your expenses in advance.
Get in touch for more details.

Get in touch

If you think something like this could be useful for you, or if you have any other kind of inquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 🙂